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Power your business with ZOMONGO.

We are the fastest growing digital network in North America.

Give your customers great deals.

We power these sectors through targeted networks and beacon technology.


Build loyalty and repeat visits by rewarding your customers with customized, targeted deals, networked with other retailers.


Push out dining offers with direct notifications as people walk or drive by your location, enticing them in for a great meal.


Get to know who’s in your hotel, airport, or attraction with real time consumer analytics, and tailor their experience with exclusive offers.

Powered by Zomongo

Zo – [Greek zō- ALIVE, from zōos; akin to Greek zōē]
Mongo – adjective(slang): HUGE, Short for humongous.


Live the big life, powered by Zomongo. Encourage your customers to download the app, then deliver targeted deals to them. They choose a category to explore, from a bite to eat, to a place to stay, to the hottest store down the block, and enjoy exclusive offers, contests, and information. And tell them keep an eye out for our Camaro for chances to win prizes from Zomongo…giving us another channel to promote your business.


When our Zomongo event vehicles hit the road, we promote your business, products, and services with special event partners and encourage more downloads of the Zomongo app.

ZOMONGO enjoys working with merchant partners like; Hybrid Light at NASCAR events & tracks.

Participating Retailers