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Why Zomongo?

What we do for your business:


  • zero hardware and software costs
  • additional revenue with revenue sharing
  • enhance your customer experience by providing additional information like news, weather, and traffic
  • reduce perceived wait times by keeping guests and visitors entertained and mix in your own promos, specials, event info to lift sales and return visits
  • provide relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase, allowing your store to generate higher brand awareness and increase sales.
  • give you the ability to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations at specific times, and the ability to update content and promotional messages quickly
  • real-time reporting and tracking tools allow the c-store to analyze results as they happen and adjust their strategy accordingly


What we do for advertisers:


Our system exports accurate and meaningful information to our advertisers. Campaign management can be configured to display at specific times, days of week, dates, run-time, targeted to specific wireless device brands, browser types, category, and keyword.


  • attention grabbing displays that drive more sales at the point-of-decision
  • raising brand awareness and sales
  • dynamic content – make rapid changes to messages to consumers
  • cost effective promotions
  • engaging the customer and influencing buying decisions
  • targeted content and messaging
  • ability to change promotions quickly, and ensure consistency across multiple locations
  • direct communication through digital couponing
  • increase impulse purchases
  • push notifications to nearby (ad defined) consumers



What we do for agencies and ad buyers


We communicate your brand through multiple networks with complementary marketing strategies and cost effective unmatched reach and coverage – whether you want to reach direct local markets or a mass national audience. Zomongo can give you direct access to communicate, promote, and sell directly to a captive audience.